VIP Club Where Loyalty gets Rewarded!

We treat our VIPs like Family

We realize that there is no shortage of online casinos for players to choose from these days so we truly value and appreciate our VIP players at Paradise 8. That is why we have developed an innovative and exciting 5-level VIP Club system that will reward most players based on their VIP level. Some VIP players deposit big and deposit often, if this is you, we have massive promotions and rewards for you that you won't find anywhere else! Maybe you're not the biggest depositor but you've shown loyalty over the weeks/months/years. We're thrilled to have you with us too and consider you an important VIP member too!

Here is an outline of our VIP Clubs, how to become a member, and just some of the great perks you can expect:

Bronze Beach

  • Bronze Beach Member
  • Deposit Totals between $500 - $1,500, or
  • A single deposit of $300+
Bronze Beach VIP Club
Bronze Beach VIP member rewards:
  • - Access to personal VIP Manager (Via Phone and Email)
  • - Weekly 5% Cashback on Deposits*
  • - Instant access to larger daily/weekly promotions

Silver Shells

  • Silver Sands Member
  • Deposit Totals between $1,500 - $3,000, or
  • A single deposit of $600+
Silver Shells VIP Club
Silver Sands VIP member rewards:
  • - Access to all Special Prize Weekly Tournaments
  • - Comp points earned for playing games DOUBLED
  • - Weekly Cashback increased to 10%
  • - Random Free Money VIP manager gifts (based on time spent logged in)

Golden Sun

  • Golden Sun Member
  • Deposit Totals between $3,000 - $5,000, or
  • A single deposit of $1,000+
Golden Sun VIP Club
Golden Sun VIP member rewards:
  • - Cashout Audit time dropped from 72 to 24 hours
  • - Comp points earned for playing games TRIPLED
  • - Weekly Cashback increased to 15%
  • - Bet allowances on all games raised to Maxiumum Limits

Platinum Palms

  • Platinum Palms Member
  • Deposit Totals between $5,000 - $10,000, or
  • A single deposit of $2,000+
Platinum Palms
Platinum Palms VIP member rewards:
  • - Automatically entered into Monthly Prize Draw (Multiple prizes given every month, each prize has a minimum value of $1,000 USD)***
  • - Comp points X 4
  • - Weekly Cashback increased to 20%
  • - Promotion restrictions greatly decreased or removed completely

The Jet Set Society

  • Jet Set Society Member
  • This club is Invitation Only!
Jet Set Society VIP Club
The Exclusive Jet Set Society member rewards:
  • - All Cashouts processed within 24 hours (provided security documents are on file)
  • - Comp points X 5
  • - Weekly Cashback increased to 25%
  • - Instant access to larger daily/weekly promotions
  • - UNRESTRICTED CASH deposited weekly into players account based on activity

* Weekly Cashback Promotions based on ( Deposits - Withdrawals - Balance X Cashback% )
** Special Prize Weekly Tournament prizes are in the form of Free Chips. Number of Chips awarded will vary according to Tournament.
*** Monthly Prize Draw prizes range from Electronics to Gift packages, every prize will have a minimum value of at least $1000 USD. When a player wins they will be emailed a list of currently available prizes. Prizes are updated often, Winning players can choose their prize from the list of currently available prizes or wait until a prize of their liking is available. Players can also win more than one prize per month although players cannot request two prizes to be combined for a larger prize of their choosing.
VIP Levels and their membership requirements are subject to change based on players playing habits, withdrawals and/or at the judgement of the VIP manager.

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